Disconnecting from Technology

—  Posted on July 10, 2013  —

Give me a break

If you’re anything like me, you get so immersed in whatever project you’re working on that you almost start to forget what reality feels like.

With design, we are constantly thinking of new ideas and solving problems. It’s hardly a mindless process. It’s both physically and mentally straining sitting at your computer for extended periods of time. Recently, I found myself hesitant to work for the mere fact that I didn’t want to get back on the computer. It got me thinking about little ways I could take a break from the technology aspect of work but still stay productive.

Here are a few ideas to start…

  1. Write articles, journals and other posts on paper first.
  2. Sketch ideas whenever possible before opening your layout program.
  3. Write down tweets and statuses rather than posting them the instant they come to mind.
  4. Turn the phone off (or at least turn off notifications).
  5. If you have to work on your computer, try going mobile and design outside of the office on your laptop. Sometimes a change of scenery can go a long way.
  6. Alternatively, disconnect your internet if you’re designing from home to make it easier to focus on your current task.
  7. Go for a walk, and find some inspiration in nature.

After we’ve taken a break from the tech, we can hopefully return to the computer refreshed, energized and ready to design.

Caleb McGuire

I'm a father, husband and musician living just a little east of the Twin Cities. I've been designing awesome experiences professionally for over 15 years.

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