Visual Design, Art Direction

Project Goals

Our team was tasked with updating the hy-vee.com website to be inline with the company’s strategic vision. One of the primary focus areas was that we needed to highlight Hy-Vee’s culinary expertise online which had previously been limited to their magazine publications.

Design Discovery

The first task I took on was guiding the team through the creation of a creative brief that documented the overall design direction. This included things like rules around typography, photography and how each design principle should be handled for each area of the site.

Initial Concepts

Once we got approval on the direction, we went into design concepts which were centered around the pages that had the most visual weight. We started with product pages and the culinary pages since they would likely have the most impressive photography and unique elements.

Design Execution

The final and largest task of the project was taking the validated direction and creating a framework that the entire design team could operate in. This included the creation of style guides, templates and additional project processes to enable the team to get from iteration, to review, to development.

Caleb McGuire

I'm a husband, father and musician living just a little east of the wonderful Twin Cities. I've been designing pretty things professionally for over 15 years.

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